Jordan: ‘Maddening’ Bulls dynasty couldn’t seek ’99 crown

From left, Chicago Bulls players Toni Kukoc, Ron Harper, Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, and Michael Jordan sit with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, Bulls head coach Phil Jackson and Illinois Governor Jim Edgar at the team’s NBA championship rally in Chicago, IL 16 June. In the NBA Finals, the Bulls defeated the Utah Jazz four-games-to-two to win their third straight title and their sixth in eight years. AFP PHOTO/Peter PAWINSKI (Photo by PETER PAWINSKI / AFP)

Michael Jordan believes the Chicago Bulls 1990s NBA dynasty would have stayed together for at least one more season if team chiefs had backed coach Phil Jackson.

The retired legend made his comments in the last chapter of hit documentary “The Last Dance”, saying he would have re-signed a one-year deal had management kept the team together, including Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen and Jackson.

“If you asked all the guys who won in ’98 … ‘We’ll give you a one-year contract to try for a seventh,’ you think they would have signed? Yes, they would have signed,” Jordan said.

“Would I have signed for one year? Yes, I would have signed for one year.

“Would Phil have done it? Yes. Now, Pip, you would have had to do some convincing. But if Phil was going to be there, if Dennis was going to be there, if MJ was going to be there, to win our seventh? Pip is not going to miss out on that.”

Instead, Jordan and Jackson stepped away from the game, only to return later, while Pippen and Steve Kerr were traded and Rodman was released.

The rebuilding Bulls missed the playoffs with losing records for the next six seasons after taking the 1998 title and since then have reached the Eastern Conference finals only once.

The 10-part saga concluded with Jordan

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Vicki Belo opens up on Hayden Kho’s acts of love on his birthday

Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho (Image: Instagram/@dochayden)

Doctor to the stars Vicki Belo celebrated her husband Hayden Kho’s birthday with a touching tribute that bares his ways of showering her with love.

Kho turns 40 today, May 20, and Belo took to Instagram to greet him with a picture of them on their wedding day.

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Happy birthday to my Belo-ved @dochayden . We met on your birthday May 20 , 2005. (Yup, I was Gods gift to you ). Never in my wildest dreams did I think that we would be married someday . I just thought you were sexy and gorgeous ( you still are ) but , you have also turned out to be the best partner in life that I could ever have hoped for . I have never been so loved and spoiled in my life . You work so hard because you don’t want me to be stressed and because you want me to live a long healthy life . My love languages are acts of service so you massage me (for an hour and a half) 3x a week , look silly doing my face gym exercises ,wake up at 4 am to prepare zoom for me because I’m so untechie . You patiently teach scarlet math , piano , reading so all I have to do is play with her . You try to shield me from many of the office concerns so I don’t get stressed or worried. , you’ve contributed so much to the success of “Belo” by bringing in so many of our most popular treatments like V contour and bionutriglow that are exclusive to Belo . My other love language is time . I love the way you put your computer and cell phone

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Michael Bisping walks Tim & Sid through UFC’s new COVID-19 procedures

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