Get Your License to Travel – Grab Your Own US Passport

You need to understand that a driver’s license is a very important these days and so is a US passport. The US passport is a globally recognized document that is used for international travel; a US passport is your identification tag to make sure that you really are that person. Most of the foreign countries will need a valid passport before you can enter. A lot of countries recognize what a US passport is and they will immediately acknowledge that as a valid ID. The U.S. The department of state is the division in the government that is in charge of granting their citizens US passports as well as issuing and verifying them as well.

If you want to get your hands on your very own US passport, make sure that you have documents that will show just who you are to the department of state. You need to know that passport regulations have changed over the year, people who want to apply for a new US passport will have to go to the office physically to apply for one.

Things have changed and those people who have never tried getting their own US passport will now know how to do it manually. People who want to apply for a new US passport will have to bring their certified birth certificate as well as their current driver’s license. You should bring your military or government ID as well as two passport sized photos that will fit the requirements that were given to you; expenses and fees will be around ninety seven dollars and another optional expense of sixty dollars if you want expedited services.

For most foreign travels, a seventeen year old will be required to bring their passport at all times and that goes for the ones below seventeen as well. Before a kid at the age of fourteen and below can apply for her own US passport, she has to ask for consent coming from her guardians or parents. If you are a kid born in the state, you will only need a birth certificate, two photos and money to pay for the fees. The government is just making sure that the identity you carry is really yours which makes it easier for you to prove if you have a valid ID to show who you really are.

Kids born outside US and even adults will have to get a foreign birth certificate as well as a report of birth abroad and certificate of abroad or an adoption decree.

All photos for the US passport will have to be 2×2 inches. The US passport photo is very important because they have strict rules; you need to have it taken within the past six months and they must be identical and should have a white background.

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