Use the Sports Reference linker to hyperlink player names in your articles and we`ll hyperlink back to you from these player pages. And then I saw this ebook Ich bin das ganze Jahr vergnügt in Salzburg when I was sheltering from torrential rain in a Buchhändlung. Lots of rhymes and songs for various times of the yr, some with actions (like In dem Walde steht ein Haus) and others with music. I notably preferred the 2 above; on the left, a poem with the days of the week, and on the best a poem I may use to introduce a Christmas custom from Switzerland referred to as Räbechilbi. Over time, crimson lights and the title Pink Mild” have been more and more utilized to other kinds of saloons, usually, as well as to brothels.

In hindsight, some of my favourite tales had been about personalities. William “the Refrigerator” Perry appears to be on a path that won’t end well. Soccer coach Barry Switzer is having enjoyable in “retirement” being Barry Switzer, as we may have predicted. Dusty Baker’s story seems extra poignant now that he is out of labor as the Nationals’ supervisor. Determine skater Debi Thomas appeared to have all of it together in her aggressive days, but you would not use that description now. Warriors basketball coach Steve Kerr has a captivating life story, and it gives him a perspective that’s broad sufficient to be unique in sports.

One of many largest issues of 2017 will continue to be a serious situation in 2018. Employee classification has multiple elements to it. First, misclassification of workers as exempt, thus denying them extra time earnings, will proceed to be big. This is not the problem of wage stage, I will get to that in a minute, reasonably that is the problem of wrongfully classifying employees as exempt staff under the present requirements. There are nonetheless numerous companies, knowingly and unknowingly, not paying staff extra time. One such case involves IT employees in Connecticut and California, the place 1000 or so workers had been improperly outlined as exempt employees. Sadly, this company will be paying a big nice, plus the owed overtime as a result of they’re a repeat offender. In 2005 they paid $24 million for a similar violation.

Fagan’s struggles are complicated by her Evangelical Christian teammates’ condemnation of homosexuality and her ambivalent, yet regular participation in weekly Fellowship of Christian Athletes Bible studies together with her teammates. Her experiences increase considerations concerning the unquestioned acceptance of Christian sport ministries in athletics at all ranges, however particularly in high school and faculty sports. Young individuals seeking to know and are available to phrases with their sexuality are probably the most vulnerable to the stress exerted by these sport ministries to disclaim their inside fact. On the identical time their straight teammates are inspired to like the sinner and hate the sin,” which, in Kate’s case, results in the painful lack of assist from the good friend and teammate she cared most about.

It is the beginning of a brand new yr and it’s my birthday. Both are nice occasions to reflect on the previous and look to the longer term. I’ve been an lively and out lesbian LGBT sports advocate and educator since 1982 once I spoke out for the primary time publicly about homophobia in girls’s sports at a national conference on the future of women’s sports. As you might imagine, at that time, it triggered quite a stir. You just didn’t discuss lesbians or homophobia in sport above a whisper or in public! I truly had a colleague ask me once if homophobia meant worry of going house.