If you’ve been looking for a new hobby, but haven’t figured out which one it would be, then why not give climbing a try?

The good news is, in CLYMB Abu Dhabi we have a world-class facility pretty much on the doorstep.

With the centre now re-open, here is everything you need to know as a beginner.

As a newcomer to climbing, you may be wondering about the physical benefits, well, climbing on a weekly basis can significantly enhance both your physical and mental health. It’s an excellent way to work the whole body. It burns a lot of calories, and improves stamina and endurance. The physical exertion does wonders at getting the endorphins going, making you feel unstoppable at the end of the day.

Additionally, climbing is a very social sport – bring your friends along with you and cheer on each other as you smash your climbing goals.

The best way to get ready for some climbing fun is by warming up your muscles for up to 5 minutes before hitting the wall; this also prevents injury during your climb and reduces any post-climbing muscular discomfort. CLYMB Abu Dhabi’s instructors recommend focusing on your upper core area, arms, shoulders and legs.

Before getting on the wall, make sure to carefully plan out your route. Identify the position of the holds before commencing, as these can be difficult to locate when you’re on the wall. By mastering this method, you’ll improve your climbing technique much faster. Remember, climbing is as much about technique as it is strength.

While climbing, footwork is essential; CLYMB Abu Dhabi’s instructors recommend placing just the tip of your shoe on the hold. Do it silently, smoothly, and confidently until you’re ready to move upwards. Make sure to use the strength in your legs to lift up your body rather than hoisting yourself up with your hands.

It’s important to keep your center of gravity close to the wall to stay balanced during your experience. Try to maintain as much control as possible of each muscle in your body; this will enable you to stay balanced and centered no matter the position you may find yourself in.

It’s vital to your climbing experience to engage your core. Your core strength is what gives you the power to push upwards and provides much-needed stability that helps you drive power from your legs. Maintaining a strong core also helps you control your movements whilst on the wall.

Choose your route wisely, the more technical the route the smaller the holds and the higher the intensity. When moving between holds, remember to keep your arms straight; this will save you a massive amount of strength you will need to use during your experience.

Remember to climb at your own pace; don’t challenge or overwork yourself too much to avoid burning out. Climbing requires a lot of patience; the more comfortable you are when climbing, the higher you’ll reach!

– Breathe! Breathe deeply with each move;
– Rest is important, as important as any skill in climbing;
– Safety is paramount;
– Fear’s got nothing on you, if you think you can, you can;
– Enjoy the process and be patient, you will eventually get the hang of it all

Whether beginners or experienced climbers, CLYMB Abu Dhabi offers a first-of-its-kind experience for guests of all ages (with an age limit of 4 years and above for beginner climbing sessions while unsupervised sessions are available for 14 years and above). Guests are guided every step of the way with the help of highly skilled instructors.

Guests are requested to maintain social distancing by following the floor markers placed two meters apart from each other. Guests are also encouraged to wear face masks at all times and sanitize their hands regularly and opt for to contact-less payment at all times.

For more information visit www.clymbabudhabi.com.

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