The Reputation Kylie Jenner Has On Social Media

One should not underestimate the celebrities influence on social media. This can be attributed to the number of followers they have on these platforms. For example, Kylie Jenner tweet against Snapchat, facilitated losses that amounted to billions of dollars in a period of one month. Without knowing whether it was a calculated move, Thousands of people liked the post.As Stated below, Kylie Jenner uses her social media marketing power in the following ways.

Promoting other companies and their products is one of the ways she uses marketing power.Before Kylie posted her tweet, Snapchat was actually making billions of losses on that investors had not realised. Snapchat was losing billions in advance even before Jenner’s post only that the investors failed to notice.This was mainly because users had started to reduce due to competition from other emerging social media platforms with the same concept as Snapchat but improved. Her tweet, therefore, made people see the truth. Social media companies should learn from this so that they can endorse celebrities since they are the backbone of their user base.By Supporting these celebrities will translate to endorsing the public.

Jenner’s achievement in cosmetics business is also another way she uses her marketing power. According to the US Presort statistics, a large number of people turn to online researching of a particular brand of a product before using it.But When a celebrity uses a specific brand, consumers tend to trust it, and the product becomes a success. This is the reason why Jenner’s make up brand name made million in a period less than two years. With such celebrities like Kylie Jenner advertising, a product would make their fans and other consumers to use that particular product. Jenner’s achievements in cosmetics can be associated with the way they are produced in limited number for the early cosmetics line. Jenner utilized the fame from Forbes to her advantage as it helped her a lot while opening the cosmetics business.

As both a mother and a businesswoman, Kylie uses her skill s to show that women can achieve a lot also in the society. From the time she was young, being a successful businesswoman to Jenner did not concur well and that such women are unable to raise a family.She Therefore uses her social media success to prove this stereotype wrong. Through the cosmetics business, she makes products that focus mainly on mothers because she will become one soon. Though brands name plays a major role in relation to an external force or internal growth, Jenner’s follower base has not been affected and therefore making it an interesting thing even after the decision to focus on mothers. This has really contributed to a major cosmetics Boost as there are brands that are baby-inspired products for mothers.