Advantages of Straight Razor Shaving.

Dependent on your own experience or job you may require having a clean shave almost all the time. It’s normally a simple task for those possessing a smooth face because of their genes. To have a smooth look those possessing rough and thick beards will have to totally depend on shaving most of the time. most men are thinking of changing their shaving routine as a result of the complexity and number of blades increasing. Getting the work done can be made possible by using a standard with a standard razor. Still, attempting the straight razor routine will give you results that are much better and you will get your experience increased. Below are discussed benefits for trying straight razor shaving.

The fact that a straight razor has no bumps is the first benefit. Numerous cartridges of blades that are sold directly normally claim about the many blades they have. Most of the time this normally is not the benefit. Using a multi-blade razor on your face many times can end up resulting in razor burn, irritation, dryness, and ingrown hairs. On the other hand, a straight razor requires just a few passes hence it reduces irritation and the skin left to be smoother than earlier. A straight razor gives you a close shave that no other razor can. Irrespective of the claims of many companies that their blades give better results. The single edge of a straight razor that is sharp gives room for maximum skin contact without worrying about stray patches of hair being left behind.

Straight razor shaving is considered as a method of shaving that is environmentally friendly. Numerous methods of shaving are doing nothing to cut down on the amount of trash being produced yet as it is people are already polluting the environment. Another thing that adds up is the amount of metal and plastic being tossed around when using cartridge razors. All the shaving cream cans that are thrown away also add up. Yet using a straight razor does not produce trash.

Post shaving irritation does not please most men. Fortunately, straight razor shaving eliminates the irritation. When the razor you use goes over you skin few times you will have less irritation. For other cartridge razors every pass you make is equal to more than three stokes or three strokes. You will then get three times more irritated compared to when you would have used a straight razor whose strokes’ are less. You should as a result choose to use a straight razor.

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