It’s easy to get caught up in all the negativity surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like the rest of his NBA brethren, with the league on hiatus, DeMar DeRozan is stuck social distancing at home and is being bombarded by headlines about the spread of the new coronavirus across North America.

In an effort to dispel some of that anxiety, the San Antonio Spurs star and mental health advocate hosted a conversation with sports psychologist Kensa Gunter on Instagram Sunday.

The 30-year-old — who has spent the past two seasons in San Antonio after a blockbuster trade from the Toronto Raptors for Kawhi Leonard — said he’s been attempting to keep busy, maintain a routine and not look too far ahead to stay in a positive headspace.

“I’ve been just trying to challenge myself every single day, try do something new, out of the ordinary for myself. I tried to do a big ol’ puzzle the other day,” DeRozan said with a smile.

The veteran scorer also stressed the need to get outside as much as possible, exercise and stay connected with friends and family.

“Me, especially having two daughters, just trying to be their teacher, make up for a lot of lost time that I probably miss throughout the season that us as athletes don’t get a chance to have,” he said.

And while DeRozan knows it’s challenging to find a “happy place to be stuck in” right now, he hopes people can see that everyone is “in this together” and there is the light at the end of the tunnel.

“My hope is, everybody finds a new appreciation for life period, because at any given moment so many things can be snatched away from us. The things we love to do, the people we love — everything,” said DeRozan.

“Just staying in the right mindset, honestly, is the biggest thing. We’re all going to get through this. That’s the main part about it.”

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