Top Tips for Successful Business Texting

Text message marketing, also known as SMS marketing or business texting, has been a common channel used by various companies for some time now. If you haven’t done this yet, maybe you had the wrong idea about it all along. Used right , it is an opportunity for super precise targeting, and may be an effective method of reaching an elusive but profitable demographic: young people.

Below is a list of things to take note of while you embark on your business texting campaign:

The Right Contacts

Based on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, you are only allowed to send text messages to people who have opted to get them, and very importantly, that you let them opt out as easily.No less than the Telephone Consumer Protection Act requires that you only forward text messages to numbers whose owners have opted to receive them, and very importantly, that you allow them to opt out.|You can offer your customers this choice as they go along your online subscription process, or you can have them text a specific term to a dedicated company number.

And make it a point that they know just what they should expect from your SMS. In the end, you should to ask their permission in order for your messages to be sent only to individuals who are actually happy to get them instead of peeved.

On Point and Short

This one is crucial: keep your text content short and on point. If your message is above 160 characters, it will only get chunked up by the phone company, which makes it confusing to the consumer or even even makes the full message un-deliverable. Remember to add effective calls to action, like a phone number or URL, and don’t using slang. Most of all, be creative. Since you’re likely not the only one doing business texting, being competitive is a must.

Timing Cuts It

Obviously, you don’t want to be sending messages too early or too late in the day, but you also have to ensure that your customers are given adequate time to act on your message. For example, that coupon should be in their hands before they make a purchase. You can actually compose the message ahead of time, and then just set it to send at an appropriate time. Also, don’t send several messages as you will only end up annoying everyone.


In contrast to other tactics that allow you to send the same message more than one (social networks especially), never send a person the same text twice. Keep creating a new message every time you have to send one, and keep it interesting.

Database Updates

Finally, take note that mobile phone numbers are always changed or even deleted, so spend time updating your database on a regular basis. Many companies fail to do this.

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