Recapping results and judging from UFC Fight Night 176 | Follow The Money

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Sebastian Vettel’s decision to leave Ferrari sparks massive driver merry-go-round

Without a lap raced this Formula 1 season, the careers of several drivers have already been impacted.

Some are stepping up to bigger things, while Sebastian Vettel, a four-time world champion, could be gracing the paddock for a final time.

After the German decided not to renew his contract with Ferrari last week, the Italian outfit was quick to sign Carlos Sainz from McLaren on a two-year deal.

The Spaniard was the stand-out non-top-three driver last year, securing a first podium in Brazil and finishing sixth in the drivers’ standings. He has the best balance of talent, age, salary requirement, and is low maintenance.

It will be fascinating to see how the 25-year-old fares in a race-winning car, and against a talent like Charles Leclerc. It makes for a bright future for the Scuderia’s youngest ever line-up.

While the signing of the Madrid man as Ferrari’s second driver was significant, the announcement that Daniel Ricciardo would step into the vacant McLaren seat for 2021 was equally striking.

The Australian, a seven-time grand prix winner, endured a difficult time in his first season at Renault, managing only one fourth-place finish and ended up a lowly ninth in the standings.

A switch to McLaren for the next campaign, with new Mercedes power units, could help revive his battle for podiums again.

What it means for Vettel is the big question. Does retirement beckon for the German or does he hang on for one final contract? A move to Renault, who powered him to his four world titles during his Red Bull days, could be an option? Does he really want to take a step backward though?

Renault team boss Cyril Abiteboul has previously said he would not rule out a move for the 32-year-old. His salary demands may be high, but it

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Tyler Bate’s journey of self development, philosophy, veganism, and the quest to be better

The unexamined life is not worth living.

The words of ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, and generally not the words you expect to be quoted by many 23-year-old athletes.

Quiet, considered, and thoughtful, WWE superstar Tyler Bate’s outlook on life belies his years, with what we see of him on TV barely scratching the surface.

Far from the bright lights and razzmatazz of the WWE, Bate, a Brit who can be seen on the brand’s NXT UK platform, is on a constant journey of self-discovery, analysing and refining everything from his own self, relationships, and all that fits into the rich tapestry of life.

Thrust into the limelight at a relatively young age, surrounded by larger-than-life characters all vying for limited air time, the WWE, while being a land of opportunity, can chew up and spit out many an aspiring superstar unable to adapt to a quite surreal working environment.

Although Bate would acknowledge he’s living a dream, there is far more to his existence than that, and ultimately what defines him. You sense that helps in his line of work.

“I have felt for years that I have a bit of an older head on me, I’m kind of an old soul,” he explains to Sport360 from his home in the UK.

“I think it came from having a passion for life and want to experience life’s simplicities in their fullest.”

Bate talks about the need to concentrate on those things that are essentially ‘you’, and how the development of traits you already have can often supersede the chasing of new ones.

His self-awareness is palpable.

“I think people get so caught up in fulfilling roles and doing stuff all the time that they forget to be themselves. People are so occupied with doing, they don’t ‘be’. Part of ‘being’

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